Friday, November 14, 2014


Here are a few more of my latest product finds…included in this edition are mineral makeup, skincare, mood enhancers, and green cleaning aids...whether you want to enhance your looks or save the environment, you’re bound to find some new favorites…I know I did! 

~ Mineral Makeup ~

La Bella Donna Mineral Eye Shadow Quad and Mineral Light Lip Color ~ I loved using these

beautiful mineral products.  The colors were rich and representative of a crisp fall day; each color aptly captured the seasonal transition of summer’s brightness to fall’s richness.  Mineral Light Lip Color in Mindful Red was creamy; the color was rich in pigments, and its intensity brightened the face and left my lips super-hydrated.  Key ingredients include Ceramide 2 and vitamin C; both of these ingredients nourish and condition the delicate lips, while providing UV protection.  Mineral Eye Shadow Quad in Papa Giovanni pays honor to founders Kathy Tracy’s Father and Nicole’s Grandfather, Giovanni! The palette reminded me of a gorgeous fall landscape of turning colors; included were beautiful colors like loden green, subtle bronze, soft gold, and deep brown; each color has delicate flecks of gold, which add just the right amount of shimmer to the eye area without appearing garish; these beautiful colors can be used alone, or combined to accentuate, highlight, or rim; they can also be used dry or wet; colors won’t fade or flake and go from neutral to glam.  Be sure to get current application tips on their website, or at YouTube.

~ Skincare ~

Whenever I test skincare products, I attempt to test the products over a three to four week period in order to gauge product efficacy.  Sometimes companies only send me sample packets or limited travel sizes, which don’t fully cover my targeted test period.  With that being said, the following two lines fall into the sample/travel size category, and as such, I’m not able to fully comment on the product’s performance and efficacy; in general, however, the products were non-irritating and provided some levels of hydration.  Domina Skin Care ~ Product samples included Radiosa Skin Cream, Filler Gel, 24 Hr. Filler Cream, and Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid  Maylan Skincare ~ Product samples included Natural Herbal Cleanser, Natural Botanical Toner, Face Firming and Moisturizing Daily Cream, and Silk & Honey Overnight Cream

~ Mood Enhancer ~

Moodies ~ These colored “cozies” slip over a CFL or LED bulb and transform a room’s lighting and aura, or mood.  These are also a nice alternative to candles and a less expensive alternative to purchasing colored bulbs.  Color is known to impact the visual sense, where any sensory impact will represent different things to different individuals; in the case of color, for example, particular colors will be pleasing or unsettling to others depending on their sensory conditioning.  Color is also an integral component to lifestyle fields like Feng Shui, Ayurveda and the Seven Chakras.  The psychology of color and color therapy are also believed to be integral in how individuals function.  Moodies comes in eight colors and are made from heat resistant silicone. - moodies

~ Green Clean ~

StarFiber ~ Eliminating toxic cleaning supplies has a definite positive impact on upper respiratory results.  Trying these, I was less prone to sneezing and clogged nasal passages.  The non-treated StarMop Fiber Cloths are great for dusting; dust clings to the washable fabric and leaves the dusted surface free of dust.  The Floor Duster has a removable and washable cover; attracts dust like a magnet; works even on carpeting, especially along floorboards.

~ In Closing ~

Be sure to visit the websites to learn more about these products, and also checkout their social media listings.  Lastly, I’m currently working on my annual Holiday Gift Guide, so stay tuned!

That’s it for this edition.  Until the next one, remember to take care of yourself and those you love.

By Terry Herman

TERRY HERMAN is a recognized expert in the industry, and regularly covers issues that include business, management, operations, customer care, treatments, products, and trends. In the 1990s, she authored an extensive "Glossary of Spa Terminologies" and holds two copyright registrations.  Consumer and trade publications have also interviewed her as an expert.  She also conducted an extensive nationally broadcasted interview tour on aspects of creating an at-home spa, interior design, music, stress and time management.  Her work has been published extensively in print and digital in both consumer and trade publications.  In addition to writing, reviewing and being interviewed as an expert, she is also a management consultant and motivational speaker.  She also served on the International Advisory Board for the former EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT Journeys In Retreat To Wellness; the Advisory Board was comprised of ten international experts in various fields of wellness and spa.  She also served as a Group Manager for the popular LinkedIn group, The Spa Buzz.  Her social media outreach includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Cision Seek or Shout, Plaxo, Red Room, Pinterest, and Tripatini.  Be sure to read her food, wine and culinary digital magazine, TERRY’S SECOND HELPINGS.  You can email her at


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