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As I write this, it’s less than ten days to the official start of astronomical Spring, March 21st (meteorological Spring was March 1st).  In many parts of the nation, folks were fooled into thinking that Spring had already sprung, with balmy temperatures and flowers blooming.  And yet, in parts of the country today, there are snow blizzard warnings.  Even where I live, it’s back to Winter temps and it’s snowing, after nearly a three-month drought of the white stuff. 

I’ve previously written about seasonal change and its impact on face, body, and hair, and about transitioning from one season to the next, using different products that are better suited for those seasonal changes.  Today’s edition features three exceptional products that are perfect for transitioning from the last remains of winter into the new beginnings of spring.  They include a facemask from Carita Paris, an anti-aging cream from Guinot Institut Paris, and a hair restoration product from PHYTO Paris.  Enjoy reading about my latest product finds!

~ My Latest Product Finds ~

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Carita Paris ~ Masque De Beauté 14 Ultra-Repairing Balm Face Mask ~ This reparative facemask is ideal for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.  Key ingredients include Vitamins D, E and F, Hazelnut Oil, Shea Butter, Wild Mango Butter, Mint Leaf Extract, and Tamarind Extract.  As soon as I used this treatment product, I felt like my skin had been embraced with a deeply soothing and hydrating protective veil; the product was very gentle and non-irritating.  The treatment product never dried, and was easy to remove after five minutes with warm water.  I was amazed at how my skin felt; it was exceptionally hydrated, and had a silky texture.  For more information, visit

Guinot Institut Paris ~ Crème Age Summum ~ This was the perfect anti-aging moisturizer for my finicky skin.  I loved its rich texture, which when applied, absorbed quickly without leaving any type of residue.  Its formulation seemed to have sensors in it, because it hydrated normal areas with just the right amount of hydration, while drenching the dry areas with moisture renewal.  The product was gentle and non-irritating, and left my skin’s texture even and balanced; all of my fines lines and visible wrinkles were greatly diminished.  Overall, my skintone appeared healthier and luminous.  I used this treatment product both as a day and as a night cream.  Key anti-aging ingredients include their proprietary Cellular Life Complex (fifty-six active ingredients), ATP (adenosine triphosphate, a coenzyme), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, and Cotton Seed Oil.  For more information, visit

PHYTO Paris ~ Phytologist Exclusive Scalp & Hair Concentrate ~ I never was blessed with thick hair; I inherited my dad’s hair…fine, straight, and oily, with lots of cowlicks.  Now that I’m post menopausal, I’m seeing the effects of hormonal changes, and especially with having been diagnosed a few years ago with an autoimmune disease; those effects include hair loss, thinning hair, and visible patches of hair loss.  I’ve been using Phytologist for nearly four weeks, and have noticed that the patchy areas of hair loss don’t look quite as “naked”; areas along the hairline, where it had become sparse, are showing some promise with miniscule peach fuzz hair growth.  Another plus is that after application, and massaging it into the scalp, the product adds much needed volume to my limp, thinning hair.  Phytologist includes twelve “doses” of treatment product that is applied three times a week to towel-dried hair for three months.  I’m encouraged with the initial results, but also realize that with treatment products such as this, the process of regeneration is gradual, and that consistency in use will produce better results.  For a comprehensive video on this exceptional product, visit  For more information, visit

~ In Closing ~

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Seasonal transitioning requires assessing the efficacy of all of your treatment products.  Those that worked well during the winter may not necessarily perform as well in the spring, or even summer.  Make sure to change your regimens and products to conform to changes brought about by seasonal transitioning and change.  That’s it for this edition.  Until the next one, remember to take care of yourself and those you love.

By Terry Herman

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