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The latest bits from my desk…..

The news this time around is about some new products I recently had a chance to experience.

Shankara BioRegenesis Skin Care System ~

In Sanskrit, “Shankara” means “pure beauty with fully blossomed consciousness”. The product line combines the best of Ayurveda with Western science, and includes a proprietary formulation of Ayurvedic plant, algae and herb extracts, plus essential oils and plant-based fulvic acid electrolytes, peptides, and antioxidants, like alpha lipoic acid and CoQ10. Ayurvedic balancing and rejuvenating herbs generally include amla, ashwagandha, brahmi and neem; I was a bit familiar with these herbs being mainstays in hair care formulations. The various products I tried balanced my skin’s tendency to be sensitive; products were gentle, non-irritating, quickly absorbed and left no residue. I noticed that fine lines and wrinkles were diminished; my skin always felt nourished and hydrated, while the aromas were calming and soothing, which stimulated my senses, making the products enjoyable to use. Skin care products tried included Hydrating Cleansing Gele (Vata-Pitta, dry/normal/sensitive), Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment (Tridosha, all skin types), Regenesis-Energen ATP Cell Serum (Tridosha, all skin types), and Ayurveda-Energen Facial Oil II (Pitta, normal/sensitive); the serum and face oil left a faint yellowish tinge on my skin, which quickly dissipated. Other products tried included body care line Ayurveda-Energen Body Silk II (Pitta, normal/sensitive), and aromatherapy line Sacred Essence Lotus-Rose (Tridosha, all skin types). Products are cold-pressed, pH balanced, paraben-free, vegan and PETA certified as cruelty-free. (www.shankara.com)

Miss Oops ~
Besides the cute name, Miss Oops Butter Hands works overtime by being a super hydrating moisturizer, sunscreen shield and anti-aging formula. Sun damaged hands are aged hands, which can include those unsightly “age spots”, while sun-damaged hands also tend to be wrinkled, which equals aged hands. Although this product won’t eliminate the age spots you already have, they’ll definitely stave off additional ones from visiting you; wrinkles will become softer in appearance. The SPF 30, along with luxe moisturizers like sesame oil, vitamin E and kokum butter, an anti-oxidant, makes this a very effective product. Pleasant aroma, non-greasy, quickly absorbing, and doesn't leave any residue. (www.missoops.com)

Skindinavia ~
I’m hardly a bride and don’t have to fret about losing my dewy makeup look on that special day, but Skindinavia’s 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish or No More Shine Makeup Finish guarantees the stay-in-place, no touch-up required makeup application. Both products are geared for that special day in every “girl’s” (hopefully only once in a lifetime) bridal event (but, I digress!). The 10 Years product actually made my makeup look better than when I put it on (powder, blush and eyeshadow) and added a very subtle freshness and glow. The product’s fine mist dried quickly and left no visible signs of application and after six hours, no product degradation or makeup settling in my fine lines and wrinkles. The No More Shine product worked well on me, even without wearing makeup; it reduced shine and gave an even matte finish. The science behind both products allows them to adapt to surface temperature of the skin, thereby preventing makeup degradation or settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Both improved my finished look by enhancing it. Both products are oil and paraben-free. (www.skindinavia.com)

Wei of Chocolate ~
Wei of Chocolate, makers of healthy and mindful dark chocolate recently “wowed” me with their latest flavors, Café Wei and Dark Chocolate. Café Wei contains 68% cacao, Italian espresso, energy herbs and a blend of Lotus Wei Organics proprietary flower essences. Dark Chocolate contains 70% cacao and is enhanced with proprietary vibrational essences by Lotus Wei Organics. This company is well established with their other mindful and healthy dark chocolates; mindful to the extent of being introspective while patiently consuming these wonderful morsels; varieties are formulated with delicious dark chocolate, herbs, flower and vibrational essences. The temptation to chomp and chew is a big no, no, which would totally ruin the product’s intention. (www.weiofchocolate.com, www.lotuswei.com)

Cutting Edge Beverages ~
For a refreshing hit of nutrient-rich water, Cutting Edge Beverages H2O Organics offers a variety of USDA Certified Organic and Kosher Certified formulations: Energy (Blueberry Peach), Relax (Grape Berry), Flexibility (Strawberry Apple), Focus (Orange Tangerine), Antioxidant (Pomegranate Açai), and Hydration (Green Apple). Each formulation is vitamin enriched; for example, the Energy formulation has 20% of the daily-recommended allotment of vitamins B 1-3-5-6-12 and Biotin. The varieties are juice free and low in sugar; for me were a bit on the sweet side and left a slight after-taste. These are great as a take-with for workouts, walking, refreshment break, or to give to the kids as a healthy snack; just don’t tell them that the drink is good for them or even healthy; they’ll think its broccoli or some other icky-tasting thing, which they’re not. (www.cuttingedgebeverages.com)

That’s it for now…..so until next time, remember to take care of yourself and those around you.

By Terry Herman

Terry Herman is a recognized expert in the spa industry, and regularly covers issues that include business, management, operations, customer care, treatments, products, and trends. In addition to writing and reviewing, she is also a management consultant and motivational speaker. You can email her at terry_h60559@yahoo.com.


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