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Since 1994, skincare professionals, makeup artists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, celebrities, and general consumers alike have revered this eponymous brand.  The brand is regarded as THE definitive mineral makeup line that is natural, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, gentle, and beneficial for skin.  

The full range of products includes mineral makeup for eyes, brows, face, cheeks, and lips, plus application tools; a full range of treatment products for face and body, including nutritional supplements, and sunscreen; and, with the addition and expansion of this impressive line with its first skincare products, BeautyPrep, this is fast becoming a one-stop brand for all one’s treatment products, and the perfect way to prep your skin for beautiful mineral makeup.  I wouldn’t be surprised if in short order the BeautyPrep line expands into additional skincare treatment products exfoliators, serums and masks, plus a full line of complementary body care treatment products.  The possibilities are endless, and definitely pose some exciting anticipation for the devotee of this beloved brand.

I was thrilled to recently test the new skincare line, as well as the new spring color collection.  I can always count on Jane Iredale to come up with fresh new ideas that fit in perfectly with a new season.  These two collections certainly didn’t disappoint, and are perfect for transitioning from winter to spring, and even into summer.

~ BeautyPrep Skin Care ~

As I used each of these products, my mind became fixated on calming fresh aromas that made me think of warmer temps. The Face Cleanser, a Micellar water-based cleanser, quickly dissolved and lifted any accumulated gunk from my skin.  Best part of the Face Cleanser was that a simple cotton ball was all I needed to get the job done; I didn’t even have to rinse; it was a quick way to cleanse my face. Key ingredients that cleanse, nourish, and prime the skin include Cucumber Seed Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Radish Root Extract, and Algae Extract.  The Face Toner followed and added another layer of refreshed skin enjoyment; I especially loved the professional push-top dispenser container where all you had to do was pump the dispenser a few times to release the Face Toner onto the cotton ball.  Key ingredients that help to refine pores, moisturize, and prime skin for makeup application include a Fruit Extract Water, Herbasome, comprised of Lemongrass, Apple, Pear, Coconut, and Carrot Water, Rosehips Fruit Extract, White Tea Extract, Orange Oil, Lavender Oil, Calendula Extract, Chamomile Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Vitamin E. The Face Moisturizer was the perfect ending to this refreshing and thorough treatment regimen.  I loved how the Face Moisturizer felt like silk as I applied it; it was quickly absorbed and didn’t leave any tacky or greasy residue; my face looked healthier and definitely brighter; fine lines and wrinkles were also diminished.  Key ingredients that help to moisturize, brighten skin, protect, and prime the skin for makeup application, include organic Rose Stem Cell Extract Water (Rosa Damascena Flower Extract, Rosa Alba Fruit Extract, Rosa Centifolia Extract, and Rosehips Extract), Lemongrass Extract, Radish Root Extract, Avocado Butter, Shea Butter, Apple and Blackberry Fruit Extracts, Sunflower Seed Oil, Orange Oil, Honeysuckle Fruit Extract, Coconut, and Jojoba Seed Oil.

Neither the Face Cleanser or the Face Toner left any tacky residue; the skin not only felt refreshed, by soft to the touch; neither product was drying and my skin wasn’t left taught.  Ingredients in the Face Cleanser are 99% certified organic (Ecocert), and the Face Toner has 100% certified organic (Ecocert).
The aromas for each of the three products were delightfully fresh and clean.  Overall my skin was silky to the touch, moisturized, and looked healthy and more luminous.

~ Spring Makeup Collection ~

When it comes to spring color makeup palettes, Jane Iredale knows how to make the colors speak for the season.  Spring is a gentle and subtle season that begins softly and slowly with its promises of hope and renewal.  The colors of Spring aren’t brash or audacious…they’re quiet, subtle, muted, and natural.  This year’s collection is all about “Skin Is In” and the colors are soft, subtle, and muted…in perfect harmony with the season and a person’s natural beauty.  The color palette is flawless and made up of matte colors that complement all skin tones; they’re easy to apply, never crease or fade, and leave a hint of color that lets one’s natural beauty dominate and shine.  The Spring 2016 Collection includes PureGloss Lip Gloss (White Tea), a GreatShape Eyebrow Kit (Blonde or Brunette), a Naturally Matte Eyeshadow Kit (Buttercream, Hush, Slate Brown, Eggplant, and Fudge), and PurePressed Blush (Flawless).  

The PureGloss Lip Gloss in the season’s newest color, White Tea, has a hint of sheer color with subtle shimmer; leaves delicate lips moisturized and treated with key ingredients that include Avocado Oil, Moringa Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Vitamin E; comes with an easy glide tip applicator.  The GreatShape Eyebrow Kit is water-resistant, and is available in either Blonde or Brunette; the adorable travel-sized rose gold mirrored compact includes a dual-tip applicator, eyebrow color, and brow wax; either color is perfect for all skin tones.  The Naturally Matte Eyeshadow Kit comes in a beautiful sleek rose gold mirrored compact, complete with dual-tip applicator.  The beautiful matte eyeshadow colors include Buttercream, Hush, Slate Brown, Eggplant, and FudgeButtercream is a subtle neutral that can be used on the entire eyelid; Hush is a sheer soft pink; Slate Brown is a subtle tonal grey-brown; Eggplant is a matte rose-brown; and, Fudge is a deep chocolate.  These neutral colors can stand alone, or blended to create your own perfect seasonal look with a hint of color.  PurePressed Blush in the season’s newest color, Flawless, is a melding of peach, pink, and brown tones that gives a beautiful natural highlight for cheeks; comes in a lovely rose gold mirrored compact; can also be used as an eyeshadow for a sheer hint of color. 

For more information on BeautyPrep Skin Care, or the “Skin Is In” Spring 2016 Collection, be sure to check out the Jane Iredale social media listings (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), or visit

~ In Closing ~

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When seasons change, skincare products and one’s skincare regimen should also change; the skin is transitioning, so what worked in winter, generally won’t work in spring or summer.  The same is true when it comes to the color palette for makeup; winter’s darker colors won’t work well with spring’s softer and more muted tones.   The BeautyPrep Skin Care system is perfect for spring to summer because it’s light and fresh, and will nourish and treat the skin as the temps heat up.  The “Skin Is In” Spring 2016 Collection is also perfect for spring to summer because of its softer, subtler tones that harmonize with the new season.

That’s it for this edition.  Until the next one, remember to take care of yourself and those you love.

By Terry Herman

TERRY HERMAN is a recognized expert in the industry, and regularly covers issues that include business, management, operations, customer care, treatments, products, and trends. In the 1990s, she authored an extensive "Glossary of Spa Terminologies" and holds two copyright registrations on her authored work.  Consumer and trade publications have also interviewed her as an expert.  She also conducted an extensive nationally broadcasted interview tour on aspects of creating an at-home spa, interior design, music, stress and time management.  Her work has been published extensively in print and digital in both consumer and trade publications.  In addition to writing, reviewing and being interviewed as an expert, she is also a management consultant and motivational speaker.  She also served on the International Advisory Board for the former EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT Journeys In Retreat To Wellness; the Advisory Board was comprised of ten international experts in various fields of wellness and spa.  She also served as a Group Manager for the popular LinkedIn group, The Spa Buzz.  In addition to her blogs, her social media outreach also includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Be sure to read her food, wine and culinary digital magazine, TERRY’S SECOND HELPINGS.  Don’t forget to “Like” her Facebook Page, “Terry’s Second Helpings”.  Please note that the “Comment Section” has been disabled.  For additional information, you can email her at


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