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The Spa at Trump, Trump International Hotel & Tower (Chicago, IL)

This new eponymous tribute to luxury is in the heart of Chicago’s downtown area, and in close proximity to the tony Mag Mile, where money continues to flow, despite the economy. Extraordinary views and scapes of the Windy City await the guest. It’s Trump, so what else would you expect?

Treatment Experience: Royal Lulur Ritual

The Royal Lulur is a 17th Century indigenous treatment ritual given to a royal bride-to-be over a forty consecutive day period prior to her wedding. The bride’s female family members would prepare her body for her betrothed and impart sage wisdom on what to expect as she transitioned into wedded bliss.

Products used: JAMU Asian Spa Rituals (

Live gardenia blooms (which I love) adorned my enormous treatment room. Half of the room was for the treatment area, while the other half accommodated a huge Kohler ( tub with jets that synchronously change to Chakra colors. The room also was filled with the delicate aromas of jasmine and frangipani; rounding out the visual and olfactory experience was the visual of an explosion of illusion candles everywhere my eyes focused.

Before the treatment began, my therapist explained the significance of the traditional ritual and then presents a tray of fresh gardenia blossoms and treatment products. After inhaling these heady aromas, my therapist left the room and I made my way towards the warmed treatment table and immediately wanted to fall asleep. My therapist began the treatment by applying Jasmine Frangipani Organic Massage and Body Oil. Using a combination of Asian and European massage techniques, my circulation was revitalized while my taught and achy muscles became pliable.

After the massage phase, an exfoliating Lulur scrub (Jasmine Organic Body, Hand & Foot Scrub), which contained tumeric, rice bran and Indonesian herbs, was mixed into a paste with some of the Jasmine and Frangipani Organic Massage and Body Oil. The scrub was applied to the entire body, which polished and brightened the skin. Resting briefly while the scrub air-dried, warmed yogurt was then applied on top of the scrub and massaged into the skin; hot towels were then used to meticulously remove the scrub and yogurt mixture. I was then wrapped in sheeting and escorted to my soaking tub, where I methodically cleansed myself further with Jasmine Frangipani Organic Bath & Shower Gel. The fragile aroma of numerous gardenia blossoms surrounding my tub’s perimeter, combined with the delicate aromas of jasmine and frangipani was almost distractive to the underwater lights in the enormous soaking tub as they changed colors; I definitely felt like royalty. As I languidly soaked in floral splendor, an arm’s reach bottle of New Zealand’s geothermal water, Waiwera ( was a reminder for me to drink and rehydrate. A faint knock was heard, which signaled that I had to reluctantly leave my new aquatic refuge area and return to the table. The grand finale of this exquisite treatment ritual included a closing round of calming massage strokes and a thorough application of Jasmine Frangipani Organic Hand & Body Lotion, which helped to replenish and hydrate my skin. As my ritual experience concluded, my outstanding therapist imparted a Balinese blessing on me by saying, “Om Suasti Astu”, or “peace in your heart and in the world”. Again, I didn’t want to leave, but pried myself off of the table. My therapist waited for me outside the room and gave me another bottle of Waiwera water to drink for continued rehydration; he then escorted me to the beautiful women’s Relaxation Area.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Royal Lulur treatment. My therapist’s technique was exceptional, and magically transformed my skin with JAMU's outstanding products, while totally eliminating my stress, aches and pains; my skin’s texture was greatly improved and left silky smooth to the touch; the skin also had a noticeable glow. After the treatment, I felt incredibly lighter. The ritual experience was a beautiful sensory experience as well. The Royal Lulur Ritual exceeded my expectations. For additional information visit

By Terry Herman

Terry Herman is a recognized expert in the spa industry, and regularly covers issues that include business, management, operations, customer care, treatments, products, and trends. In addition to writing and reviewing, she is also a management consultant and motivational speaker. You can email her at


(Image: Spa tub, floating flowers; copyright, Huber)

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