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mySpa at Fairmont Hotel (Chicago, IL)

Treatment Experience: myRitual Hammam

Originating in the Middle East and taken to the new world (Spain) by migratory conquerors, the Hammam’s history is well documented and dates back over one thousand years. The Hammam traditionally included water, heat, steam, exfoliation and massage. Today’s hammam experiences continue this historical therapeutic ritual with aspects of detoxification, energizing, cleansing, purifying, relaxation and hydration.

Products used: Red Flower Hammam ( This was a multi-dimensional body treatment ritual, emphasizing Red Flower’s individual treatment phases of cleanse, scrub, polish, replenish and enrich.

Preparatory/Cleanse: A private shower primes the detoxification and purification process using the Moroccan Mint Tea Silt Purifier.

Scrub/Polish/Invigorate: Lying on a warmed treatment table, my therapist began the treatment with an application of Lemon Coffee Blossom Olive Stone Scrub; various massage techniques gently exfoliated and polished my skin. Hot towels were then used to remove the product.

Detoxify/Relax: A full-body application of Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay Polish was followed with my feet being wrapped in hot toweling; next, my body was also wrapped and covered in layers of blankets. My eyes were then covered with an eye pillow to further induce a state of deep relaxation. This helped to stimulate my body’s radiant heat, which induced sweating. As I self steamed, my therapist then massaged my shoulders, neck, face and scalp. I was unwrapped and escorted to the in-room shower to rinse off any traces of product.

Recharge: Toweled off, I got back onto the table, while the entire treatment area was misted with Orange Quince Steam Room Mist; its lovely aroma gently floated on me in the form of delicate droplets.

Relaxing Warmth: As a ritualistic blessing, the therapist then began massaging into my entire body warmed Cardamom Amber Oil, which furthered my state of relaxation, while rehydrating my skin.

Replenish/Enrich/Illuminate: The treatment ritual culminated with an application of an incredibly dense moisturizer, Tangerine Fig Butter Crème. Red Flower recommends a final bath soak, using their Neroli Cypress High Atlas Bath Soak; however, this step wasn’t offered at mySpa during my visit.

Red Flower found a way to formulate these products to conform and compliment one another in what seems to be dissimilar aroma-based products. By layering each individual product, a dense and heady mix of formulations result. Each product intensifies the efficacy of the previous product used. The aromas were complex and sophisticated. Individually, the product formulations and aromas worked well, but synchronously, they became incredibly effective and very aroma-therapeutic. My therapist’s technique was wonderful. My skin’s texture was silky and revitalized and my aches and pains were a faint memory. A chilled bottle of Evian ( for rehydration awaited me outside my door. My therapist escorted me to the Relaxation Area. All in all, the myRitual Hammam treatment ritual was an extraordinary treatment experience and exceeded my expectation. For additional information, visit

By Terry Herman

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(Image: Spa hallway; copyright, Fairmont Hotel)

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