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Top Ten Wellness Tips for 100 Vital Years

(Press Release ~ Bangkok, Thailand, February 7, 2011)

EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT’S 2011 Top 10 Wellness Ideas for 100 Vital Years ~ Easy simple wellness ideas for a long life of joy and vitality ~

…a long life of joy and vitality, living to 100 years young, staying healthy in body, mind and spirit, enjoying an active fulfilling life!

Premchit Prateap Na Thalang, the Founder of EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT Natural Wellness Retreats, has released her "Top 10 Wellness Ideas for 100 Vital Years" for 2011, a list of ten easy and simple wellness ideas that you, your family, and friends, can implement, today, to promote a long life of joy and vitality.

"I truly believe wellness is for everyone and my desire is that if you wish to have a long life of joy and vitality, you may do so, regardless of where you live or the circumstances of your life, simply by deciding to live your life comprised of four key elements: a healthy diet, moving and resting, a healthy lifestyle, and having healthy relationships", said Premchit.

Premchit’s list of "Top 10 Wellness Ideas for 100 Vital Years" comprises the ideas, with explanations and guidelines, supported by a list of ten good books for more on how to live a long life of joy and vitality.

SUMMARY of Top 10 Wellness Ideas for 100 Vital Years
(For the Ideas Details and the Good Books, please click here.)

Healthy Diet Ideas

1. Eat and Drink Much More Fresh Fruits, Herbs, Spices and Vegetables
All fresh fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables taste good and are good for you. Eat as many and as wide a variety as possible. Fruit, herbs, spices and vegetables are a rich source of amino acids, antioxidants, carotenoids, enzymes, fats, fiber, flavonoids, minerals, oils, pectin, sugars, trace elements, vitamins, water and phyto-chemicals with anti-bacterial, anti-aging, anti-allergenic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-tumor, anti-viral, blood thinning, detoxifying, memory and vision enhancement, immune-stimulating, tonic, wound healing and vasoprotective properties, amongst others - promoting healthy cellular metabolism and growth, as well as the efficient detoxification and elimination of metabolic toxins.

Eating fresh fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables in juice form, sometimes referred to as "juice therapy", meaning "the use of concentrated nutritional elixirs made from fresh fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables for nutritional maintenance, illness prevention, body detoxification and the treatment of ailments and diseases", is very beneficial in promoting a long life of joy and vitality.

Every fresh fruit, herb, spice and vegetable offers one or more positive effects on promoting a long life of joy and vitality, including preventing or minimizing risks associated with: Alzheimer’s, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, blood sugar, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, constipation, diabetes, glaucoma, heart attack, obesity, osteoporosis, over-weight, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke and urinary tract infections, amongst others.

2. Eat Like the Animals and the Birds

Many animals and birds eat in harmony with "trophology", the science of combining compatible foods to ensure optimal digestion leading to optimal health and a long life of joy and vitality. The key principles of trophology are:
· Consume only one type of food during any meal, such as carbohydrate or protein.
· Eat animal proteins, with plenty of non-starch vegetables, preferably raw such as in a salad, once a day.
· Eat starches, with vegetables, preferably raw, as in a salad, and/or with non-acid fruits, once a day.
· Eat fats with carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and light plant proteins, not with concentrated animal proteins. Do NOT eat margarine, other butter substitutes, or hydrogenated oils.
· Eat at least one large fresh salad of raw non-starch vegetables every day, ideally just before a protein or carbohydrate meal.
· Eat fresh fruits, nuts and seeds on an empty stomach.

3. Forget Food-Like Substances
There are many "food-like substances" that must be avoided if you want to pursue a long life of joy and vitality. The worst food-like substances are artificial sweeteners, margarine, processed foods and sugar. Other food-like substances best avoided are pasteurized and/or homogenized milk, salty foods, soft drinks and white wheat-flour.

Moving and Resting Ideas
4. Move Your Body

For a long life of joy and vitality it is very important to move your body on a regular basis, preferably every day, for at least a moderate amount of time, in a way that you like doing, such as gently exercise, light sport, martial arts, playing, swimming, walking, yoga, etc. Natural movement of the body, ideally to a rhythm, is the foundation to cultivating a long life of joy and vitality.

The best forms of body movement are slow and rhythmic, which will loosen, stretch and relax your body, to collect and store energy, to leave you feeling refreshed. This type of movement is aerobic, beneficial to the particular body part being moved, as well as to the cardiovascular system and all other body systems.

Be sure to warm up before doing a movement or exercise regime, especially to relax a stressed or tired body and to stimulate blood and energy circulation. Loosening movements should be focused on the joints, with stretching movements should be focused on the ligaments, muscles and tendons.

It is now recognized that regular movement of the body offers diverse and significant benefits, including positive effects on: addiction, aging, anxiety, attention, attraction to the opposite sex, blood pressure, blood, bones, brain, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, confidence, constipation, dementia, depression, diabetes, emotions, energy levels, erectile dysfunction, euphoria, fun, heart, immunity, infections, injury pain, learning, longevity, motivation, muscles, obesity, osteoporosis, Parkinson's, physical function, prostate, self esteem, sex, skin, sleep, stress, strokes, weight.

5. Rest Your Mind

Meditating for just ten minutes a day makes a positive difference to one’s wellbeing and the pursuit of a long life of joy and vitality. Meditation can mean many things, however fundamentally it involves stilling the movement of the mind and bringing it to a state of undisturbed silence.

People approach meditation for many reasons, some to reduce stress and others to heal themselves physically and mentally. Some people just want to calm the mind and reflect. Meditation can effectively do all of these things, and much more. A review of the literature identifies 101 benefits of meditation, including physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits.

Meditation is also one of the ways of knowing the most important person in your life. Yourself! Not through others opinions, or through reading self-help books, but through sitting quietly, tuning into your breath, and going into that vast world inside yourself. When the thought waves are under control, the mind becomes quiet and we then experience our higher state of consciousness.

Healthy Lifestyle Ideas
6. Enjoy a Red, or a Blond!

Red wine contains resveratrol, a polyphenol also found in cranberries and blueberries, which is a powerful antioxidant and which reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as having anti-aging properties. White wine also contains resveratrol, however in smaller amounts than red wine.

The optimal consumption of red wine has indicated a reduction in the risk of heart attack in middle age people by 30% to 50% and the optimal consumption of red wine is one glass per day for women and two glasses per day for men.

Recent research indicates there appears to be a direct link between the incidence of drinking alcohol and breast cancer in women however, if a woman consumes sufficient amounts of folic acid (Vitamin B9), the risk of breast cancer reduces and even disappears.

7. Sleep to Learn
Despite all the research, we still do not know exactly why we sleep and how much sleep we need. We do know the optimum amount of sleep varies from one person to the next, and for each person it varies over time. We know almost everyone experiences a period of sleepiness during each afternoon, and that if a person has too little sleep or too much sleep, they become dysfunctional. It seems the primary reason for sleep has a lot to do with learning, and the optimal amount of sleep for most people is between six and eight hours.

By simple trial you can determine the optimum amount of sleep you need at any time of your life, and once determined, maintaining this optimum, including having an afternoon nap, creates many benefits on the journey to a long life of joy and vitality, including significantly improving attention, dexterity, digestion, emotion, glucose metabolism, learning, memory, reasoning, recall and thinking.

8. Squat to Poo
The best way to defecate, otherwise known as “having a poo”, is the same way as all animals and many people living in Africa, Asia and the Middle East do, by squatting, the natural way.

When sitting instead of squatting, the end of the descending colon is bent and moderate to significant muscular effort is required to poo. Over time, this strain can cause bleeding piles, constipation and hemorrhoids.

In the squatting position, the colon is in alignment with the rectum and the anus and the cheeks are spread, allowing the anus to open easily and fully, enabling effortless evacuation. The squatting position requires no strain, more poo is passed each time, more quickly, compared with sitting, and one of the final processes of detoxification is optimized.

The easiest way to move into a squat-like position on a sit-down toilet is to sit on the toilet seat and raise your feet onto the front of the toilet seat and as far back towards your buttocks as possible, preferably without shoes on, so that your heels are close to your buttocks and your knees are against your chest. You can either stay in this half-sit/half-squat position, or else lift your buttocks up off the toilet seat, into a full squat position.

Please try squatting, or at least half-squatting - you, and your bowels will love it – like me and mine! However, please be careful not to fall off the toilet!

9. Detox for Love
The key reasons why people must detoxify their body, not only through attending a regular detoxification retreat, but also preferably as a daily lifestyle activity, is to quite simply enjoy a long life of joy and vitality, to experience health is the prerequisite for wealth and happiness.

In today’s world, most people need to work actively on detoxifying their body, because:
· Regular multiple-exposures to environmental toxins, for the air, building materials, cosmetic and personal care products and water, amongst others, reduce the normal metabolic functioning and inherent self-healing capability of the body.
· So called "modern lifestyles", characterized by poor nutrition, deficient exercise and chronic stress, pollute the body with chemical and emotional toxins, which cannot be neutralized due to a lack of necessary nutrients in the optimal proportions.

Whilst toxicity is expressed by a variety of symptoms, the most common indicators of toxicity are: abnormal pregnancy outcomes, acne, allergic reactions, anxiety, artherosclerosis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, depression, dermatitis, eczema, fatigue, female infertility, headaches, immune system impairment, indigestion, inflammation, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, joint and muscle stiffness and pain, kidney dysfunction, learning disorders, male infertility, memory loss, migraines, multiple chemical sensitivity, obesity, over-weight, Parkinson’s disease, psoriasis, skin puffiness, sleeplessness, susceptibility to cold, flu, infection, injury and tiredness.

By regularly detoxifying your body, as a daily lifestyle activity, as well as by attending regular intensive detoxification retreats, it is possible to remove many of the toxins that cause dis-ease, disease and the inability to enjoy life to its fullest.

Regular detoxification enables the restoration and maintenance of every-day good health, characterized by joy, love, vitality and longevity.

Healthy Relationships Ideas
10. Find Your Spirit

Find a kindred-spirit significant-other, love him or her, every day, for all days. Love family. Nurture good friendships. Forgive. Smile. Socialize. Be curious. Use your imagination. Have zeal, for something. Relax, let go.

Find your inner spirit…
Take the time to play, for it is the secret of perpetual youth…
Take the time to read, for it is the fountain of wisdom…
Take the time to be friendly, for it is the road to happiness…
Take the time to love and be loved, for it is the nourishment of the soul…
Take the time to share, for it is too short a life to be selfish…
Take the time to laugh, for it is the music of the heart…
Take the time to dream, for it is hitching your wagon to a star…
Sing, write, dance, photograph, whistle…
Do whatever brings calm to your mind, relaxation to your body, and joy to your heart.

Live all of life with loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity, to nourish, preserve and restore your-self, as well as animals, people, plants, and the one earth we call home.

About Premchit Prateap Na Thalang
Premchit is the Founder of EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT Natural Wellness Retreats, the world’s first self-actuated wellness retreats available at selected exclusive luxury boutique resorts located in exotic destinations around the world and utilizing safe, effective, enjoyable holistic natural therapies as a positive response to the chronic ailments of modern life.

Premchit’s family has been growing, trading, studying, using and dispensing indigenous plants of southern Thailand and traditional Siamese knowledge for beauty, medicinal, nutritional and perfumery benefits for more than 12 generations. For nearly 200 years Premchit’s family traded aromatic plants with the British East India Company, including Thao Thep Kasatri, heroine of the Battle of Thalang (Phuket) in 1785, who traded with Sir Francis Light whilst he was based in Thalang, the home of Premchit’s family.

Premchit’s mother and father passed their family’s wisdom and secrets to Premchit, who blends this with her own international certification in aromatherapy and intuitive cosmetic, cuisine, perfume, scent and therapeutic skills, to create enjoyable and effective Ambrosias, Elixirs and Treatments for joy, health and longevity.

For more information on EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT Natural Wellness Retreats, contact Norman E. Jones via email at

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