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“…a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”
(Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”; Act II, Scene II)

Throughout the ages, the rose has come to symbolize perfection and love.  It has been portrayed and praised in religion, poetry, prose, music and art.  Roses have been coveted when used as culinary floral water for edibles, or in tinctures, tisanes, added to teas, or in fragrances or personal care products.  Its evocative aroma embraces the senses and imprints the psyche with a subtle and scrumptious fragrance that refreshes memories of a past life.  The perfectly formed petals and head are visually adored, whether living or when pressed dried as a memento.  Throughout history, queens and kings and commoners have known the rose. The rose has represented many things to many people, with most being awestruck over nature’s divine and perfect beauty.

The rose has been around for millions of years, has approximately 150 species, is worldwide with each continent having its own variety.  The rose and its derivatives have been prized for personal care and skincare because of natural properties that include cell regenerating, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, high in Vitamin C (antioxidant), non-irritating, natural astringent, natural fragrance, toning and moisturizing. 

While February is the month of St. Valentine’s Day, a day of love and for remembering those we love, it is also National Heart Health Month, which is also fitting for St. Valentine’s day, since the heart and cupid’s arrow in the heart also exemplify this day of love and remembrance.   Red roses symbolize beauty, love, affection and romance.  Again, very fitting for this day of love and remembrance.

I chose the following products for this edition because of the purity of the rose-based ingredients, in addition to each product’s favorable efficacy.  I’m also partial to these products because I love the scrumptious rose aroma.  These products had a pure, subtle and non-irritating aroma that was calming and uplifting, making them very aromatherapeutic.  The rose derivatives (petals, essential oil, fruit) were also healing, while providing effective skin and body care.  Enjoy!

~ The Perfect Rose ~

Aveda ~ Rose Absolute Singular Note Aromatherapy Oil ~ Made from the essential oil of rose petals and formulated in a carrier oil; also includes Vitamin E, applying directly to the skin is safe and won’t cause any irritation.  Rose Absolute is ideal for applying to the pulse points and inhaling; the product was very calming.  I liked adding it to a fragrance-free moisturizing lotion to give it a lovely and subtle rose fragrance.  I also applied the product to my dry cuticles; the Vitamin E in the base oil was very hydrating.

Decleor ~ Rose D’Orient Soothing Aroma Coffret Gift Set ~ This great travel-sized gift set comes in a beautiful reusable Coffret that includes the luxurious Aromessence Rose d’Orient Soothing Serum, Harmonie Calm Soothing Milky Cream and Rose d’ Orient Soothing Night Balm; a handy Journal to jot down your quick thoughts is also included; all of the products contained 100% natural ingredients.  The Soothing Serum includes essential oils of damask rose, Roman chamomile, neroli and petitgrain, and also contains sweet almond oil, black currant oil, bitter orange oil, and Vitamin E.  Ideally suited for sensitive skin, the Soothing Serum’s silky texture soothed, calmed and nourished my finicky skin, leaving my skin deeply hydrated.  The Soothing Milky Cream continues the healing, calming and nourishing properties with ingredients that include rose, Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, bitter orange oil, sunflower oil, black currant oil, neroli oil, damask rose essential oil, rose water, rose milk, cotton and lily milk, black current seed oil, white birch, microproteins and polyphenols.  Absorbed quickly without leaving any greasy residue and was very calming and soothing.  The Soothing Night Balm intensified the properties of healing, calming and soothing with ingredients that included damask rose, sweet almond oil, shea butter, black currant, bitter orange water, shea butter, marjoram oil, lavender oil, bitter orange oil, and chamomile.  The Soothing Balm, when warmed in my palms and applied in upward strokes, was quickly absorbed and left my skin hydrated without any irritation; it was also non-greasy and left no residue.

Ilā-Spa ~ Face Oil for Glowing Radiance ~ This product has a predominant rose aroma with a silky luxurious feel to it.  Ingredients include argan oil, rosehip seed oil, sandalwood, rose flower oil, and Vitamin E oil.  The product was absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy residue and was soothing and calming.  I preferred using it at night, although it worked well during the day. After using this product, my skin was brighter and healthier looking and felt deeply hydrated.  The majority of ingredients are certified organic.  Because it’s very rich, a little goes a long way.

Ilike Organic Skin Care* ~ Rose Petal Cleansing Milk, Rose Petal Toner and Rose Petal Whipped Moisturizer ~ All of the products were gentle and non-irritating.  Although the aroma of the Rose Petal was subtle in the Cleansing Milk and Moisturizer, it wasn’t as noticeable in the Toner.  The Cleansing Milk removed all traces of makeup and dirt easily, leaving no residue.  The Moisturizer was quickly absorbed and left no residue; products were gentle, calming and hydrating.

Jurlique* ~ Rosewater Balancing Mist and Skin Balancing Face Oil ~ Jurlique has had a strong commitment to skincare based on natural and organic plant-based ingredients for their products.  The Rosewater Balancing Mist was extremely gently and rehydrating and left my skin feeling refreshed.  The subtle aroma of rose was uplifting.  Ingredients include rose flower extract, rose essential oil, grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera and marshmallow extract.  The product was cooling and non-irritating and ideal after cleansing, but also wonderful as pick-me-up spritz throughout the day.  The Skin Balancing Face Oil delivered a depth of hydration that penetrated the skin quickly without leaving any tacky or greasy residue, while also being very gentle.  Ingredients include rose flower extract, rosehip oil, Evening Primrose oil, macadamia seed oil, marshmallow, avocado oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.

NYR Organic ~ Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture ~ Rose Daily Moisture is ideally suited for normal to dehydrated skins and has a medium-weight consistency, which was quickly absorbed, while replenishing and hydrating the skin without leaving any greasy residue; its aroma was lovely.  Ingredients include rose flower extract, rose flower oil, geranium oil, lemon peel, ylang ylang, marigold flower extract, sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E.  The product is vegan with a majority of ingredients being organic.  Gentle, calming and hydrating.

PINO Natural Spa Therapy* ~ Wild Rose Natural Spa Therapy Body Oil and Body Lotion ~ PINO Natural Spa Therapy first introduced its natural products to European spas in the early 1900s.  Products use only the purest forms of plant extracts and essential oils without any preservatives, synthetic or other toxic additives; products use organic ingredients that are environmentally friendly.  I’ve enjoyed the Wild Rose products because of their efficacy and aromatherapeutic properties.  The Body Oil reminded me of a fresh cut rose thanks to ingredients like rose fruit oil and rose flower extract; other ingredients included coconut and jojoba oils, sunflower seed oil and Vitamins A and E.  The Body Oil has a silky consistency that’s absorbed quickly without leaving any tacky or greasy residue; the product was effective on my body and my dry cuticles; gentle and rehydrating with a heady lingering aroma of healing and calming rose.  The Body Lotion also had a scrumptious rose aroma; ingredients included rose fruit oil and rose flower extract, plus coconut and jojoba oils, sunflower seed oil and Vitamins A and E, plus shea butter.   The Body Lotion also had a silky rich consistency and was absorbed quickly and didn’t leave any type of residue; it too was gentle, very rehydrating, soothing and restorative.

Shankara* ~ Sacred Essence Lotus-Rose Aromatherapy Oil ~ With the tradition of Ayurveda, Sacred Essence Lotus-Rose is formulated for all skin types (Tridosha) and is an exotic blend of rare sacred and pure essential oils that include the white rose (Egypt) and blue lotus (India); other ingredients include pure essential oils of jasmine, frangipani and sandalwood.  This exotic blend is to be placed on the pulse points and recommended for yoga or meditation.  I found the aroma to be very complex and strong; a small amount on the inside of my wrists was sufficient to transport me from the land of stress to the land of relaxation.

N.B. Companies designated with an asterisk (*) exhibited at the October 2012 Annual International SPA Association (ISPA) Conference.  For more information on ISPA, the spa industry’s pre-eminent organization, go to

~ My DIY Share ~

Buying a rosewater-specific skincare product, such as a toner, can be pricey.  Instead, consider buying culinary-grade rosewater, which is available at specialty stores, Indian or Middle Eastern grocery stores, or in mass retail grocery chains that have an import section; the packaging may not be as upscale, but the ingredient is formidable.  For hundreds of years, women all over the world relied on this grade of rosewater for their personal care and culinary needs.  The culinary-grade is wonderful when chilled and sprayed on the face throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up.  It’s also great mixed with witch hazel; the gentle astringent property of the witch hazel in combination with the rosewater makes for a gentle finishing toner.  I use this mix especially during the summer or after a vigorous workout.  This is ideal for cooling down an over-heated face. 

~ Here’s to Celebrating ~

Lastly, don’t overlook your local spas, restaurants, or hotels for St. Valentine’s Day specials; this also includes resorts that are close proximity to your area.  It’s still not to late to book appointments or make reservations.  

And, don’t just wait for this day to show up on your calendar as a reminder about that someone special in your life. Make everyday special for them and not just this one-day a year.  Let your love know that you care and couldn’t live without them!

That’s it for this edition.  Until the next one, remember to take care of yourself and those you love.

By Terry Herman

Terry Herman is a recognized expert in the industry, and regularly covers issues that include business, management, operations, customer care, treatments, products, and trends. In addition to writing and reviewing, she is also a management consultant and motivational speaker.  She also serves on EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT Journeys In Retreat To Wellness Advisory Board, which is comprised of ten international experts in various fields of wellness and spa.  She also serves as a Group Manager for the popular LinkedIn group, The Spa Buzz.  You can email her at


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